Self-government of students of the Kyiv National Linguistic University


03150, Ukraine


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Student self-government of KNLU is an independent public activity of students, which is aimed at protecting and satisfying the legitimate social, creative, spiritual and other interests of students of the Kyiv National Linguistic University, as well as the implementation of university management functions, defined by the Regulations on Student Self-Government at KNLU and approved by the rector of KNLU.

The body of student self-government at the University is the Student Council of KNLU. The purpose of self-government is to promote the conscientious performance of their duties by students, to protect their legal rights and interests, as well as to provide them with opportunities for harmonious, creative and intellectual development, conditions for self-realization in the interests of the individual, society and state

The Student Council of KNLU acts on the basis of the principles of voluntariness, democracy, legality and transparency and expresses the interests of all students of the university, regardless of race, political, religious and other beliefs, gender, ethnic and social origin, citizenship, property status, place of residence, language or other signs

In its activities, the student council is guided by the current legislation of Ukraine, decisions of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Statute of KNLU and the Regulations on Student Self-Government at KNLU.

To ensure the conditions for comprehensive and free development of the student's personality, the student council directs its activities in various directions: scientific and research, educational and educational, cultural, sports, fundraising, external cooperation, etc.

The most urgent issue for every student at all times is understanding with the University administration and its teaching staff, and the connecting link in this system is the Student Council, which promotes the establishment of harmonious relations and protects the rights and interests of students.

An important aspect of the activity of the student council is the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, as well as active, interesting and useful use of free time.

The Student Council of KNLU fruitfully cooperates with student organizations of other higher educational institutions, represents the university in local, regional and all-Ukrainian student and youth organizations, which provides an opportunity to establish new contacts, implement joint projects, and exchange experience. The Student Council of KNLU takes an active part in the activities of the Student Council of Kyiv, the Student Council of the Holosiiv City State Administration in Kyiv, and the Ukrainian Association of Student Self-Government.




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