• Vodogray Orchestra

    The repertoire of the student orchestra of KNLU includes music of various styles and directions, arrangements of Ukrainian folk songs, jazz compositions, foreign cover versions, folk melodies in the author's arrangement.

    Hnatchuk Vasyl is the head of the orchestra.


  • Choreographic Studio Extreme

    Folk, ballroom, modern and pop choreography are organically combined in the choreographic studio "Extreme" 

    Dyadchenko Alina is the head of "Extreme" 

  • Student Theater Eidos

    The student theater "Eidos" has in its creative output performances based on the works of classical and modern drama. "Eidos" is a participant and winner in various nominations of International, All-Ukrainian and city festivals of youth theaters.

    Olga Dobrovolska is the head of the theater studio

  • Vocal studio

    The KNLU vocal studio, one of the leading student vocal studios in Kyiv, was founded in 1997 by the talented teacher Larisa Shekhovtsova. Over the years of the studio, its teachers have helped hundreds of gifted students develop their vocal skills.

    Both beginners and experienced vocalists practice in the studio. Each of them has their own goals: some dream of show business and the big stage, others want to shine in karaoke and surprise their friends, others sing for themselves, enjoying the process. But, absolutely everyone, vocal lessons give new amazing emotions. Students master the difficult profession of an artist and develop their talents every day.

    The head of the studio is Petrychenko Tetyana.







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