Department of Foreign Languages


Department of Foreign Languages was established in 1996.


Head of the Department 

Ludmila F. Vasylchuk, associate professor, PhD

In 1999 Ludmila F. Vasylchuk graduated from Kyiv National Linguistic University, majoring in language and literature (German and English). From 2001 to 2007 she studied for PhD at KNLU and in 2009 she published the dissertation on "German phraseology derivatives in lexicographic interpretation" (supervised by Havrys V.I., professor, PhD).

The academic title of the associate professor of the Department of German Philology was awarded in 2012.

The main courses are:

German as the first foreign language; German as the second foreign language; theory and practice of consecutive translation (first foreign language, German), comparative lexicology of German and Ukrainian languages, supervision of term and diploma papers.



Iryna I. Sieriakova, professor, DSc. in Philology

Oleksandr V. Khomenko, professor, DSc. in Pedagogy  

Larisa V. Parfenova, associate professor, PhD

Oksana V. Slaba, associate professor, PhD

Andriy V. Sotnykov, associate professor, PhD 

Halyna A. Babash, senior teacher 

Tatyana G. Bogdanova, senior teacher 

Olena B. Vasylenko, senior teacher 

Olexandr I. Granskiy, senior teacher

Iryna O. Kolomiyets, senior teacher

Yaroslava V. Padalko, senior teacher  

Olena V. Yanchuk, senior teacher 

Marharyta O. Kuzmytska, teacher

Published papers of the Department’s stuff...


Educational activities

The Department provides teaching of English (for professional purposes) and second foreign languages (German / Spanish) for the Faculty of Tourism, Business and Psychology, as well as the second foreign language’s teaching (English/German) for the Faculty of Slavic Philology (for program subject areas: Philology (Language and Literature) and Translation (Russian). The department’s activity is aimed at highly qualified specialists’ training (Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees) in compliance with the requirements of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.  



Business English (as the first FL)

English (as the first FL) 

English (as the second FL)

German (as the second FL)

Spanish (as the second FL)

Foreign Language Teaching Methodology in the Higher School

Theory and Practice of Translation from Russian

Theory and Practice of Translation (Russian and English)

Theory and Practice of Written Translation (Russian and English)

Theory and Practice of Interpretation (Russian and English)

The Russian Language Translation Practicum

The English Language Translation Practicum


Scientific activities

The collective Department topic is “Cross-Cultural Communication and Professional Oriented Foreign Languages Teaching and Translation: Linguistic and Methodological Aspects”.

The Department’s main scientific activities trends are the following:

  • Scientific researches  (within the collective topic’s frameworks) carrying out and the obtained  results approbation on the part of the Department staff on scientific-practical conferences,  scientific articles, reports, guidelines and  textbooks’ publication.
  • Participation of students in scientific and research activities, scientific conferences as well; supervision of term papers and Master Theses.
  • Language contests’ preparation and carrying out.



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